• This class will redefine your expectations of functional circuit training. Utilising full-body integration in a consecutive circuit manner will keep your heart rate elevated and muscles burning for the ultimate functional workout.

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  • One word – Intense. This class format will utilise a work:rest interval principle applied to an engaging and diverse mix of high threshold movements. In this class you can expect high calorie expenditure and increased metabolic afterburn that will prove to be a staple in your training mix.

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  • Forget what you know- this class will focus on large primary movers testing strength and endurance in a targeted manner that will help tone and define every muscle. This progressive workout combines an optimum burn and sweat combination to provide you with the ultimate in strength endurance training, like no other.

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  • Burn baby burn. This is our most targeted class, designed to specifically strengthen, define and shape your butt and abdominals muscles. Don’t let the name fool you in this session expect constant tension and high volume in conjunction with cardio that will take that burn to a whole new level.

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