Our team at FoxFit Fitness Females are highly qualified, friendly and motivated fitness professionals that are dedicated to assisting you achieve your health & wellness goals. At FoxFit we live and breathe the FoxFit way and share the belief that your health is not one dimensional. We understand that the key to true wellness & long lasting results is to place equal emphasis on movement, nutrition, sleep and stress management in our approach to attainment of your wellness goals.

Be inspired by our passionate and energetic team members, who will have a vested interest in your health & well-being.


Founder, Managing Director & senior Trainer at FoxFit Fitness For Females.

With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer he has worked and transformed a wide spread of clientele in his practice from all walks of life. Tom’s specialty is the ability to assist individuals develop a positive association with movement & wellness as a key strategy to encourage long term success.

Tom is a firm believer of leading by example and delivering a service with the perspective that fitness is not one dimensional by honing in on the four key elements of wellness- movement, sleep, nutrition & stress management in his practice whilst emphasising the importance of the deliberate practice of these healthy habits as a life long mission for all seasons to gain health and maintain a healthy body composition long term.

Tom strongly believes that we all have the ability to obtain our wellness goals it is purely a matter of repeated practice, belief of the chosen direction, commitment to the cause and persistence by not wavering in the chosen direction.


Cert III Fitness • Cert IV Fitness • Level 2 First Aid • CHEK – Equal but not the same; Certified Female Trainer • Performance Training Institute – Certified • Advanced Strength Training Coach • Postural Analysis & Screening Certification • Certified Punch Fit Boxing Trainer


Ari discovered her love for fitness after being dragged to a gym class by her sister over 7 years ago. What began as a chore soon turned into a true passion, and has continued to blossom over the years. Growing up as an actress, Ari often found herself wanting to explore other paths – most importantly her love of all round health and wellness, so while filming a TV show in 2015, she began studying nutriion, group training and personal training. It’s fair to say, she never looked back from there.

Ari now trains twice a day, every day and makes sure to cover as many aspects of training as possible – ranging from boxing, functional training, spin instructing, dancing, kettlebell training to of course sprint and integrative sessions at her second home – Foxfit. She brings all of her training techniques and styles together to create programs that are versatile and suited to each individuals goals and needs.

Ari is not only passionate about helping others to become the fittest they can be, but also constantly strives to assist her clients in becoming balanced and well-rounded in all aspects of their health. Health is not a one-size fits all and she aims to lead by example and walk step-by-step with every one on their unique journey to finding their happiest and most fulfilled self.


Cert III Fitness • Cert IV Fitness


Ever since a young age, James has had a budding interest and passion for Fitness. Transforming from an athletic background focusing on plyometric and HIIT training to more of a resistance based focus today. James specialises in body composition & wellness transformations for his clientele with his excelled knowledge in the field of nutrition. This is evident by James winning an Overall Men’s Fitness Bodybuilding Show in 2017.

His dedication to his personal fitness and more importantly his clients is second to none and is willing to put in the extra mile in order for them to achieve their desired results. This is based on a what you put in is what you get out approach. James is highly motivated is help you every step of the way on your wellness journey.



Cert III Fitness • Cert IV Fitness • BBiomedSci